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Medical Malpractice Claims in Miami

When a doctor or other healthcare professional's mistake has seriously injured you or your loved one, your lives will never be the same again. The professional medical malpractice attorneys at the Law Offices of David A. Helfand, P.A. will evaluate your case and, if accepted, will work to secure justice and recover the full compensation you are entitled to, for you or your loved one's medical malpractice injury or loss.

The Compensation You Deserve

Our Miami medical malpractice law firm cares and is committed to helping you obtain compensation for your medical malpractice injury. We have represented clients in numerous high-profile cases with verdicts and settlements exceeding the million-dollar range.
Our experienced lawyers understand the financial and emotional consequences of your injury or loss and aggressively pursue justice for you in order to obtain the fullest compensation available under the law for the damages you or your loved one have suffered.
Medical Malpractice

Malpractice Cases

We give you personalized attention while aggressively litigating your claim to the fullest extent necessary including taking your case to trial and verdict. We have successfully secured justice and compensation for injuries to clients in many of the following types of cases:
Misdiagnosis: Diagnosing a patient of a deadly disease such as cancer when the patient does not have one; performing life-altering surgeries that were not required; and other such types of cases.
Failure to diagnose: Failure to pick up breast cancer in mammogram readings; failing to pick up cancer in pap smears, failing to properly conduct necessary follow-up testing to rule out dangerous illnesses, such as cancer, thereby extending the period of illness unnecessarily; and other such types of cases.
Emergency room negligence: Failure to timely and properly diagnose a dangerous condition such as appendicitis, leading to rupture; failing to timely diagnose a heart attack or stroke, leading to further morbidity or death; failure to admit a patient when their medical condition required it, leading to further morbidity or death; failure to properly test, perform X-ray, CT-scans, or other diagnostic tests, when the standard of care requires it, leading to a patient's further morbidity or death; and other such types of cases.
Surgical errors: Fatally piercing a certain body part when performing surgery on other ailing parts or mistakenly amputating a limb for another; failing to monitor the oxygen-enriched environment leading to operating room fires; leaving surgical instruments or other foreign materials in a patient's body; failing to properly monitor a patient under the effects of anesthesia leading to permanent brain damage or death; over-dosage or inappropriate dosing of anesthesia leading to further morbidity or death; and other such types of cases.
Birth injury: Negligent handling or mishandling of birth deliveries, injuring the mother or baby; failing to monitor fetal strips, leading to brain injury of the baby; improper administration and/or improper dosing of medications, leading to brain injury; incapacity or death; and other such types of cases.
Wrong prescription or negligent administration of medication by injection or IV: Wrongful administration or over-administration of a prescription medication; chemotherapy or radiotherapy that causes the patient further morbidity or death; failure to properly administer injections, whether by IV or intramuscular injection, causing extravasation, RSD (reflex sympathetic dystrophy), or CRPS (complex regional pain syndrome); and other such types of cases.
Failure to monitor: Nurses or other hospital employee's failure to properly and regularly monitor a patient in their care and failure to properly respond to life-threatening emergencies, resulting in further morbidity or death, and other such types of cases.
Nursing home: Negligent care leading to bedsores, pressure sores, malnutrition, and dehydration; assault leading to further morbidity or death; failure to follow all precaution guidelines leading to falls; failing to properly evaluate, diagnose, and treat a patient who sustains a fall leading to further morbidity and/or death; and other such types of cases.
Others: Failure to render the appropriate standard of care resulting in conditions such as RSD (reflex sympathetic dystrophy), cerebral palsy, Erb's palsy, paralysis, strokes, head injury, heart disease, heart attack; doctor negligence; nursing malpractice; dental malpractice; negligently administered injections or medications; and other such types of cases.

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When medical malpractice affects you or your family, we will fully evaluate your case, at no cost to you. Our professional medical malpractice lawyers and staff are highly trained, educated, and extraordinarily energetic and committed to securing justice for your loss. Call us today at 305-810-6590.

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