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Wrongful Death Cases in Miami

The death of a family member is painful—more so when the death is caused by negligence or carelessness as a result of someone else’s actions. The devastating effects that stem from a tragedy such as this are far-reaching and often slow to heal. It makes sense to seek support in the event of wrongful death and to find support from an experienced legal professional.

The Support You Need

At the Law Offices of David A. Helfand, we do everything in our power to help you and your family move forward in the face of challenging times. We handle your wrongful death claim with both professionalism and discretion so that you can focus on healing emotionally. To set up a free consultation, please give us a call at 305-810-6590.

Helping From Start to Finish

When it comes to putting your wrongful death case together, you can trust David A. Helford. He will manage the case while you focus on more important matters. Whenever you need his help, he is there for you. He makes himself available 24/7 for legal advice.
Wrongful Death

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